People hate dealing with stuff. Uncomfortable conversations, being put in awkward positions, facing honesty on a crazy real level, all things people really hate to do. Usually the only time we ever REALLY deal with these type of things is when they have gotten SO out of control that it is really to late to deal with them anyway. I have learned it is better to attack these things, face them head on, and deal with them so you can move forward. 

Today I want to encourage you. Are you going through something? Have you gone through something? Are you looking to survive an ordeal in your life? Is it time to get free? If so, find someone who loves you and let them help you. Someone who wont judge you, but will be honest with you. Someone who can look you in your face and say: “im with you through this, all the way to the end, no matter what”. People full of  love, grace, and peace, not just lip service. Someone who wont sugar coat you but will get your back.  Someone who will stick it through no matter how dirty it gets, because they believe in and love you. Having these kind of relationships will help you survive. They will allow you the space and the posture to succeed. 

Its time. Call them, email them, reach out to them. If you can not find them, find someone close to them. find someone you do not even know, but you believe will help you. life is better when your free.