I heard a talk today that moved me. i love the story of David from the bible. The reason I love David is he was a screw up. He did all the things that you say you would never do. He did all the things we all do.He did what i do…and yet he was still a man after Gods own heart. Grace, amazingly.

So when David was young, he sought God. And in the seeking, found Gods way to do thing. As he became successful, as he became busy, as he become a leader, he started to trust “carts”. See, the ark was built to be CARRIED. It had handles. But when David saw the ark, it came in on a cart. Wheels, to make it easy. It was not the 6 steps and sacrifice the way God created for the cart to be moved, but rather a simple hook up some cows and roll with it version. Gods path for your life, your relationship with him, was created to take a sacrifice. David got lazy, or busy, or relaxed and started to not seek Gods way, what He was saying, but rather he started to take the patchwork, crumbs, and theories of what other people told him what God was doing, saying, and how He was moving. Truth is, we all do this.

So today I was challenged to not eat off others crumbs, to not follow the patchwork of what others say, to seek for myself. God created the search for him to be 6 steps and sacrifice. A bloody, hard, sacrificial road. You ready to roll with the cart or carry the call?