I used to hate sell outs. I had no grace. You know sell outs, people who are supposed to be one thing and end up trading it in to go commercial? Then I became a sell out. I became something that I was not supposed to be…SUCKED!

But today, that is not the kind of sell out for which I am referring. I am actually talking about a GOOD kind of sell out. I was just thinking about all the things we get to do with our lives. We have the privilege of being employees, workers, leaders, followers, helpers, vision casters, lifers…WE GET A CHANCE. It made me realize how important it is for you to be passionate about what you do and how it is done. If you are not SOLD OUT to what you are doing, do yourself, us, him, her and we all a favor and STOP. That right, quit. Stop so you can chase your destiny. Stop so you don’t waste your time and resources. Stop so you can START doing the thing you are supposed to be doing all along.

Ben talked the other day on his blog about finding your sweet spot. Are you in your sweet spot? What should you STOP today, and how will stopping that allow you to start what you should have started a long time ago?