I was challenged today. I went to Harvest Church and Pastor Kevin talked about order and atmosphere. Now by nature I am a pretty positive person. I see the cheery side of things by nature. I don’t do depression or negativity well. The problem is, I have allowed myself to start thinking and speaking some negative thoughts. Just being honest. I have not looked at things through the right perspective, through the right filters. I have allowed my fear and thoughts rule my emotions. I guess it happens to everyone, but I have said some things in the past few weeks that I would never say…not bad things, just really negative.

So the words we speak, the things we say, even if we do not believe them, create an atmosphere around us. We are commissioned to speak life. Life over others, over situations, over ourselves. We create the atmosphere by which we live. What type of atmosphere are you creating for your life, your family, your kids, those around you at work, school, and play? Im choosing an atmosphere of hope, expectancy, encouragement, grace, love, peace, and excitement. That is what I am choosing for 09, and for my life. God is pretty big and I think that He can handle these things, even if we created our own messes.

So just some rambling off my dome tonight.