Picture the setting. High rise in Manhattan, big conference room with 4 tables pushed together to make one big table. Every seat taken. Benches down the side for those who did not make it in time to get the seats, and of course, the interns. Interns are the wild card. Could be amazing, challenge the status quo future leaders, or punch the clock, just glad to be here, maybe I will meet someone cool in the process kids in college.

On Wednesday, I got to meet Carlos, and he was the former not the latter. In the middle of talking about a really big, cool, powerful album with one of our partners, the best idea of the day came from Carlos, the intern.

I blogged here about interns, but this is just a reminder that you do not need title, a position, or even a real job to contribute. All you have to do is be passionate, be willing to engage, and push the envelope. 2 ideas like Carlos had will quickly move him from an intern to an employee. (I hope when that happens he does not stop challenging the status quo)

How many people like this do you have in your organization? Are the welcomed or tolerated?