on a whirlwind tour this week that I just found out about Friday. In NYC tonight. As JAY and I walked the streets of the city it was sobering to see people struggling just to make it through the night. Sleeping on the streets, begging for food, lost. In a city of millions, totally alone. They have lost the hope. Somehow the dream was taken from them. So here they lay, on cardboard, till the police come to make them move.

I grew up in Haiti, I am used to seeing people sleep on the street. But this is NY, AMERICA. Land of opportunity. The city that never sleeps. But even as these folks sleep on the street they can not find their dreams. 3 blocks from “Christies” is Chris, the guy who can not seem to pull it all together.

Tonight I will go to bed and pray. Tomorrow I will wake up thankful. Sure, things are not perfect in my life, but I have hope. I have great family and friends. I will eat tomorrow, laugh, dream, believe, and start it all over again.

Thanksgiving has past, but be thankful today. You have SO MUCH MORE than you could ever imagine. Find your perspective.