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picture-3I have a ton of twitter friends. If you want to see click HERE to check them out. :

BUT TODAY. @KanyeWest sent this
kanyewest lol – go get’em @THE_REAL_SHAQ 6 minutes ago from web

I am now following Shaq on twitter.


The Association of National Advertisers just held a convention and held a vote to define who the most influential marketers of 2008 have been. The winners are:

1. Barack Obama
2. Apple
3. Zappos


You have to be willing to ask the hard questions, address them, fix the problem to really achieve success. Success is not built on the amount of money you toss at a problem, success is defined by the execution of your plans in correcting a problem. Find the things you are good at, and become great at them, be willing to address your weaknesses and not cover them up or mask them. Surround yourself with people who are better than you at things, so your team can be a monster.

Just some thoughts I had last night when I saw this ad: