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b173547394 is going to host our good friend Kari Jobe Tuesday November 25 @ 8 p.m. CST.

Join Kari as she discusses her latest album ‘Kari Jobe’ releasing in February, Her latest single ‘I’m 
Singing’ (a cowrite with fellow worship leader/artist Chris Tomlin), what’s going on in her life and the  vision for the future of her ministry! Everyone will be able to watch the video chat but only those whoare registered users of will be able to ask questions. Please take a minute to join this exciting Christian focused social network! It’s 100% free! 


“Jeremiah’s life and Jeremiah’s book are a single piece. He wrote what he live, he lived what he wrote. THERE IS NO DISSONANCE BETWEEN HIS LIFE AND HIS BOOK. SOME PEOPLE WRITE BETTER THAN THEY LIVE:others live better than they write. Jeremiah, writing or living, was the same Jeremiah.” (The Message bible introduction to the book of Jeremiah)

I have not always lived this way. I make mistakes. I now strive to live this way. I want my life, words, passions, commitments, cares to all match up. It takes commitment to not live duplicity. Im committed.

You have to have something people care about. You have to make it easy for them to care. You have to intersect where they already do life, or have something so spectacular that it stops everything they are doing.

You need other people to tell you if what you have is that special. You can not tell. You are to close to it. You might have a hint, you might believe, you might know if something is different, but you need someone outside to let you know your not drinking your own kool-aid.

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