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Easier said than done.
Takes a major commitment.
Risks failure.
Not for the weak.
Challenges you at the core.
Anything can happen.
Costs you everything.
What are you waiting for?


Jackie is pretty amazing. When we lived in Daytona and worked at a church, Jackie started several ministries. I told you she was amazing. While being amazing and starting some powerful ministries that helped women, she met and formed a friendship with Liz Sarno. Chris and Liz started a church in Daytona that from what I hear is picking up a lot of momentum and making a great impact all over the community. Chris and Liz have a real heart to impact Daytona and the world for that matter. We never had the chance to work together, but what I hear about them has been amazing. Jackie really was impressed and cherished her relationship with Liz.

As you know we had a few babies about a month ago. Liz facebooked us asking a couple of questions. Today in the mail we got a box from Chris and Liz that had some very special hand made gifts. AMAZING! Liz had been praying over our new babies and sent these words (i typed them since you could not see it in the picture)

Hannah – Favour “You are blessed and highly favored. As you actively seek and live by God’s wisdom you will experience favor not only in His sight, but in the sight of men resulting in preferential treatment, promotion and increase.”
Grace – “the ability of God in you allowing you to do what you could not do by yourself. Your anem will always be a reminder that no matter what happens in your life, God will be there to guide you, to help you, and to give you strength.”

Hope – “A confident expectation with joyful anticipation. May you confidently expect each and every day to be better than the day before. And may you always joyfully anticipate fulfilling the wonderful plan and destiny God has in store for you.”
Jenna – “The Lord is gracious. Your life will be a testimony to the mercy and grace of God. You will bestow His kindness, understanding and compassion to those you come into contact with and many will be changed as a result of your presence in their lives.”

It is amazing when people come into your life and care about you. Not for what you do for them, not for what you bring to the relationship, but more based out of love. Today, we experienced something really classy by seeing how despite ourselves, someone cared enough to reach out and show us some love, and care about the things we care about, our babies. Pretty amazing that they would go so far out of their way to let us know they care about us and our babies. Very classy. Thank you Sarnos.


My buddy Ben hit me off to this really cool dude who likes to design. Barton worked on this ad for us and turned it in like almost 30 minutes and came up with something as cool as this! We are going to use this ad in the new resource book NEUE. Check out his site. He also rolls deep with my crew from Circadian Rhythm (back in the day).

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