Things on my mind that I just gotta get out:

  • Creativity is useless if you do not figure out how to make it accessible.
  • The new Israel record is going to be amazing.
  • I can not wait to see what happens when we start to live our worship.
  • We have a black president. History being made. Regardless of alliance, very cool.
  • Rarely is the problem a lack of ideas, more often the problem is a lack of execution. 
  • How do we go from screaming to people about what God is doing and make them experience it, personally, in the middle of what they are already doing. 
  • leading takes sacrifice first.
  • complaining/excuses is not a lack of ability, but more often a lack of desire.
  • i am so behind on blog reading but i can not just clear and start over. 
  • 30rock…rocks. 
  • this list is sucking, im forcing it. i quit for tonight.