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Things on my mind that I just gotta get out:

  • Creativity is useless if you do not figure out how to make it accessible.
  • The new Israel record is going to be amazing.
  • I can not wait to see what happens when we start to live our worship.
  • We have a black president. History being made. Regardless of alliance, very cool.
  • Rarely is the problem a lack of ideas, more often the problem is a lack of execution. 
  • How do we go from screaming to people about what God is doing and make them experience it, personally, in the middle of what they are already doing. 
  • leading takes sacrifice first.
  • complaining/excuses is not a lack of ability, but more often a lack of desire.
  • i am so behind on blog reading but i can not just clear and start over. 
  • 30rock…rocks. 
  • this list is sucking, im forcing it. i quit for tonight.



What if you could pastor a church of say, 10 million?
What if 10 million people liked your band?
What if your organization could grab another 10 million followers?

Facebook added 10 million a MONTH. Still think Facebook does not matter? I know something was happening when all the late MySpace adaptors started asking to be facebook friends. Here is the problem, most people wont use it the way it should be used.

I could have a hammer in my garage, but it will never build a house till I take it out and actually hit a nail. How are you leveraging the tools that are at your disposal everyday to help magnify the thing that you should care about more than anyone else?

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