Do you realize how blessed you are today? You actually get to contribute to who will lead our country for the next 4 years. We are in challenging times, without a doubt, but I have to say I am excited today. I am excited that people are moved. I am excited that we have freedom. I am excited that people care enough to invest time.

Now how do we get them to care about the stuff that matters? Its time to engage these same people who care about hope, change, etc, and get them to care about life, faith, grace, and leaving a REAL impact. That is our challenge for the next 4 years, get people moved to make a difference. Get people to pray. Get people to volunteer. Get people to stop destroying each other and start speaking life over each other! Are you up for the challenge? I know we can do it. We are the greatest in the world, not because we are Americans, but because we are Christians.

(this many people care about voting this morning, and we are not even a battle ground state!)