Tomorrow it goes down. After what feels like 50 years of campaigning, the election is tomorrow. What will CNN, Fox, NBC, etc do for news next week? Here is the thing, this election is big. It is big because it has caused so many people to care.

What you care about is on you, but here is what we have to remember: God is in control, he does not need a president, and he will rule from now till well after our next president runs his course. What we should be focused on is how we put legs on our belief. How do we make such an impact as “THE CHURCH” over the next 4-8 years that by the time we get to vote again, we have made such powerful moves in our communities that the election is less important as the impact of local CHRISTIANS. Start praying. Volunteer. Help someone. Start a ministry. Do something that is not getting done.

I vote for change, hope, faith, love, grace, peace, and mercy. I vote for you. I vote together you and I go out and make an impact. What do you say, you down?