“Invest in a child. Inspire a future.” The Boys & Girls club of Boston is a great organization. They have launched a great new campaign to help raise funds for their programs and in the end, kids without the same opportunities that maybe everyone else has. How you feel politically does not really matter, but this is how we should “spread the wealth around.” 

I love this campaign. I am excited when I see non-profits (especially churches) jump out of the status quo and do something unique that can help raise attention for the cause. This is a great example. It ties in all the musts: 1. a real issue. 2. tangible results. 3. great stories. 4. an ability to be involved in something bigger than you. 5. helping someone else get a chance they never would have had if you did not get involved. 

what can/are we doing to help change the course of the destiny of those around us?