Sometimes in a effort to help invoke change you can get in the way of others growth. this week I offended someone, unintentionally, because I allowed myself to get in the flesh, to get overly excited, and by trying to help.

You can never help, lead, or create an atmosphere for change and innovation if you do not allow people room to still be who they are. You can not turn a ship on a dime, you have to allow the process to take time. I know this, yet I still pushed to hard. Funny thing is, I did not mean to do so. Not only did I not mean to, I did not even realize I was doing it until after it had been done. SUCKS. I once heard you do not fail tests God put in front of you, but sometimes you have to take the test again…looks like I will be taking that test again. bummer.

Hey, have a great weekend friends. Enjoy fall, enjoy the ones and the things you love. LIVE LIFE!