Thanks to JOEL I felt I had to post this. Sure, we are taking facebook/myspace right to our blogs, but it is Sunday so relax and embrace your inner tween. 16 random things about me…okay….um….here we go: 

  1. I have one adopted son who is my homey, and 3 little girls now that steal my heart.
  2. I am a metro-sexual and totally proud of it (long live seacrest)
  3. I am a VERY picky eater.
  4. Gotta have music, all the time. 
  5. I love sports. basketball is number 1. Football, UM, Tennis, im down for it all. 
  6. LL Cool J my radio was my first album purchase. I grew up a hip hop kid.
  7. I love to shop, but only BUY when I am getting a deal (see number 2)
  8. I was born in Canada, grew up in Haiti, spent time in Singapore, high school in FL, 6 different colleges. Yea, I am okay with change.  
  9. Jackie and I went to school together, I knew I was going to marry her the minute I saw her when I walked into a church years after graduation. I even wrote it in my journal, but did not talk to her for a few months after that. I love her more today than ever before. 
  10. I am a BIG time optimist. 
  11. I think people settle for good when they are inches from great. 
  12. ALWAYS mac over pc
  13. I love disney world. 
  14. Questions, questions, questions, and more questions. 
  15. Blogging has become a part of my life. Its my only current addiction. I am a blog evangelist as well. I got made fun of it for a long time but now those who made fun seem to be joining the blog world and now “get it”. Means its time for something new for me but I wont leave the blog behind. 
  16. I am a PK, MK, and have worked in and with ministries my entire life. I want to help people. Worship leaders, friends, pastors, anyone I can help to achieve the fullness of their destiny.

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