does anyone care about your ministry, church, brand? Really, like do people care? In order for people to care, you have to make a connection. There are a million albums, a million churches, a million social networks, a million whatever you do. So how are you going to make people care about your thing? A billboard, a banner ad, a tv show, a park bench? no, no, no, and NO. You have to figure out how to get into a persons space. you have to intersect their life, and when you do, you have to provide them something that makes them start to care. If you are trying to change the demographic of your church from older to younger, promote your fun day @ local elementary schools. If you are trying to attract teens to your youth ministry you gotta get past myspace. be in the mall, be at a game, sponsor a friday night football game, give out hot dogs and wrap them with tinfoil that has a sticker for your ministry.

Bottom line, find out where your audience lives, start showing up there, then provide them something that makes them care.