Church, team, ministry, band, organization, group, all of it…not yours. I’m not even talkin super spiritual “it belongs to Him”. U may be the person leading, but u will never have the magnitude of success that u r capable having, if the sum total of the group, audience, friends, fans, etc don’t become passionate and own “it”.

Church is a great example. People have to become evangelists for their church. They have to love it, own it, share it, and care for it. If you have 1000 people and only 100 volunters, u have a crowd and have not instilled ownership in “your people.” Ownership is the key. You gotta build something people want to own, help them own it, then keep leading the owners.

Ownership will make the heavy lifting a little lighter. Ownership will provide an army of people who care so much, they want to help, encourage, grow, and build with you. Ownership moves us from the me, I, my, world that breeds pride to the our, they, them world that builds teamwork.

Help someone own the thing you care about today.
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