“What connection, if any, exists between religion and our buying behaviour? Are there similarities between the way our brains respond to religious and spiritual symbols, and the way they react to products or brands?”

This is a quote from Martin Lindstorm. Lindstrom has a new book called “Buyology”. In this book he talks about the a study he and his firm has done over the past 4 years. 2000 people in the study and asking their real feeling about brands, ads, and what link all of this has with religion.

I got to chat with a friend of mine today. He is a pastor and a good dude. He was talking about some ideas that his church was developing and executing over the course of the next 6 months. They are getting very aggressive with intersecting people where they live. I love to see a church move outside the 4 walls of “church” and become the touch point for the community. Sometimes the best thing we as a church can do is to become the community.