david is a cool dude. I met him on a plane a couple days ago when I was headed out to LA for work. David and I talked about God, recovery, healing, marketing, life, all the stuff you talk about. Here is the thing, I am not a “plane talker”. I am the guy who sits against the window with headphones on and reads or does emails. Just how I roll. But I have been praying lately. I have been praying that God would open opportunities for me to talk about Him. David is a Christian, so it is not like I was witnessing to him, but we got to share. Share about life, issues, grace, etc. It was really cool. A few days after I met David he called me. He had some stuff going on and wanted to talk and asked if I could pray.

You dont have to have a platform, a title, or a position to help people. You can help people in your life today. The guy @ Starbucks, the waitress @ your favorite restaurant. People are looking for someone to listen, someone to care, someone to pray. Be someone today.