People are a commodity. They are the value. People are awesome and they are all around you. Our economy is scary right now. People are nervous. But guess what, if you rally people around your cause, church, movement, etc recessions do not matter. The truth is you have all the people you need, you just have not reached them yet.

According to 93% of Americans polled believe in God or a universal spirit. Guess what, the problem is not people, the problem is communication. The problem is removing the preconception, meeting expectations, and finding the language that communicates to peoples needs. The desire is there.

I have been doing a little study with some pastor friends. Guess what, marketing is cool but outreach is the best marketing you can buy. You build champions when you minister to peoples needs. People again become the commodity. You better not stop marketing, but make sure that a greater portion of your budget is spent on outreach and you do it with purpose, thus the best marketing you can buy.

Hope this helps.