So I had to jump a flight and hit LA for seriously a couple of hours. In yesterday afternoon and right now I am @ lax waiting for my red eye back home. Kinda insane.

Hanging in the airport is like being @ the zoo. People are “watching” each other. Those who are walking, moving, trying to find a flight are like the animals. All the other people sitting are watching, checking, maybe even judging. I suck as a person. I judge books by the cover. I try to figure people out and judge. I am praying about it.

Tonight as I’m sitting here I’m watching and thinking to myself: “god made all these people and cares about them deeply, regardless of how they feel about him.” Each person in this zoo is different. Some are lions, some are penguins. A few are deer, and there are even birds and lizards. They all have a purpose. God created them all to be part of this puzzle that is our world. They all have feelings.they all deal with insecurity, love, issues…its crazy. Tonight I’m seeing this zoo from a different angle. I wish there could be bubbles over peoples heads with their potential, destiny, purpose attached to them for the world to see…and to remind them they have a reason to live and that they are so much more than they realize. What’s in your bubble? What’s in mine? Are we living our bubble or just watching the other animals wishing we could be a different species?