Yesterday I shared with you about perspective. Of course, as soon as I did that today just got turned on it head! What a freaking freak show of a day. In the 5 minutes I had in the morning before I rolled out to take Zay to school, I flipped open my new issue of FastCompany and would you not know that there is an article by Gregory Berns about how the creative mind is wired. And the entire article is about PERSPECTIVE! I will report on it tomorrow because I have not had a chance to read it today, but that will be what I do before I go to sleep tonight. I know God has a purpose for this concept.

Gregory Berns is the founding member of the Society for Neuro-economics and is a teacher at Emery University. I can not wait to read this article.

In great news, my XM is back up and running and I kinda want to sit in the car all night and just listen and sleep. Oh well. I will be getting to drive to the gym in the AM so that will help. Also, as of tonight, Lincoln was @ number 20 overall album charts. If you have not invested your LESS THAN 10 bucks to enjoy this REALLY good record, head over to iTunes and get it while you can!