So much I could blog tonight. I have had one of those days where you just go all out all day. Man, it has been crazy. Tomorrow is the street date for Today Is The Day by Lincoln Brewster. I am excited to see what ends up happening with Lincoln via this project. We received a review today and the review started off by saying: “Lincoln Brewster is the king or modern rock worship.” Very nice to hear, and a compliment for sure, but it was Lincolns response that I enjoyed the most: “If you keep your head in the execution and out of the results, you wont have to worry.”

You can have the best ideas. The most creative plans. The most innovative concepts without execution, you don’t really have anything. Execution is the key. Doing what you do, your own part, making the most of your section so that the overall group wins, that is the key. Take ownership in your part. Be the best at whatever you put your hands too!

Here is a link to the review. It is very kind.

I will come back and post the link to the iTunes store when it is live.