I was talking to my friend Eddy today. Eddy is a great designer, an amazing marketer, and has killer ideas. We started talking about this really cool idea. What if at a concert or at a church service you could create an atmosphere where the audience could participate in the direction of the event? So in comes TEXTMARKS.

You set up an account and have a list of questions. Those who are in attendance then text the short code and on the overhead screen, the results are provided in real time. A great example would be if I was going to speak on 5 topics. I could ask my audience what they wanted to hear about, and in real time get answers to those questions. It forces communicators to go off the page and be flexible to receive direction from those for which they are speaking. What a great tool to make sure you deal with the issues that are really important to your audience. It takes the power and gives it to the people that matter most, those hearing not those speaking. Text on.