I have always believed that the best organizations have great missions statements. Not the mission statement just to have it, but a leader who creates a mission statement that becomes the filter for every decision. I have been at places that have these powerful filters, and places that do not have them. WITHOUT FAIL, the places that have them, have a clear, direct, and purpose behind EVERYTHING that they do, everyday. Integrity has a great missions statement and is a powerful filter.

Today and tomorrow we are having our management strategy sessions. All I can tell you is this: 1. God is amazing. 2. God never fails. 3. We have some great people at Integrity. I love that even in an time when an industry is at a crossroads, it is clear that we have a purpose, we have a plan, we are pushing, growing, and moving and not just sitting back and pointing fingers.

What is your missions statement? Have you created a culture that allows your team to know how to manage expectations without you being there telling them? Find your filter.