“Change” is popular right now. Politicians, life, economy, everyone wants a change. Today, I remembered why I REALLY love change.

Today I downloaded the new version of iTunes. Millions of iPhones, iPods, iWhatevers and they all use the same platform. Why would iTunes need to make changes? Why update? Why freak with a great product that people are already happy using? Because that is where innovation lives. That is how you stay over the top and out in front. You can not rest on being happy with just the success that you have when you KNOW there is more. There is always more.

What is your product? A service, a church, a program, a band, a formula, a method, a store, a website or even a blog….all opportunities to settle for good when GREAT is just one more change, one more thought, one more idea away. When things are working do you stay with the formula in fear that you might upset the status quo or are you willing to change things to make them better? If things are slipping, are you willing to try something new, and maybe even something crazy that will allow you to grow into uncharted waters? Change is SO massively important. Being willing to change is the trigger that births creativity, innovation, and all the NEW that is out there for you to conquer. What can you change to develop some new results? What is the one change that is holding you where you are and keeping you from where you are supposed to be!!