Blogs are fun right? I like them. I think you might like them or you would not be here. Blogs often are misunderstood as just places people go to vent about stuff they can not or will not do anything about in the first place.

For the record, when I started this blog I had no clue what I was doing! I was writing to write. I was not sure who my audience was, did not know what I was saying, had no clue who would be even reading! I would rant and rave and dream of one day reaching 20 views! Then I started to study blogs and good bloggers. Over the course of the past 3 years I have made some great friends like this dude, this dude, and this dude. Today, I still do not have it all figured out, but I do feel that I have narrowed down the audience and I actually have been writing towards the same topics for well over a year. I have goals now for this blog, a purpose behind it, some dreams for where it will go. All of this has made me start to ask more questions.

So today I am asking myself how. How can my little blog do more? How can it be used to shape culture, foster dreamers, and make an impact? This guy, who I have ha the opportunity to meet because of my blog, and my friend HERE are both are using their blogs to impact LA. They are helping people recover from Gustav. And have you heard of Adam Brickley? Adam started a blog living in his moms house while in college. He got passionate about a topic, or should I say a person. Over the course of time he studied, followed, watched, and blogged. Day after day he wrote. People started to drift in and eventually someone with influence found Adams little blog. And because of that, Sara Pallin was selected to run as a VP candidate. Pretty amazing that one guys little blog has a chance to help shape history.

So what are you doing with your influence? Are you maximizing it to make a difference? Are you wasting it on nothing? Are you making noise or saying something? Sure, we all have our days, but how can we communicate better? How can we share what is happening and stories of hope, grace, love, and freedom? What can I share with you that will help you share with others? Here we go, together, lets keep making history.