(actual sign from Havens Corner Church)

There has got to be a better way to help people learn about Gods love than this…

When Christians talk about “getting a black eye” this is probably the kind of stuff that they should worry about. Rev Dave Allison, the pastor of Havens Corners Church, in Backlick, Ohio (no i did not make that up) felt the best way to educate the young people of the community to not experiment with homosexuality would be to post on the church sign: “I Kissed A Girl, And I Liked It. Then I Went To Hell.” Um…WOW. The sign is allegedly a loving warning to teens that homosexuality is wrong.

If you want to help people who are struggling with an issue, telling them on a backlit sign on the side of the road that they are going to hell probably is not the most Christ like approach. Sure, we need to confront the issues in society. Yes homosexuality is wrong. But where is the grace, love, and relationship that are going to actually help people learn about Jesus and the ability they have to overcome the issues in their lives (homosexuality, lust, pride, telling lies, stealing, harboring bitterness, all sins)?

God has a plan for everyones life. He wants everyone to live a life of freedom from bondage. His plan includes victory, peace, grace and love. I am sure the intention of Rev. Allison was good, but the execution has been left lacking.

This is what happens when pop-culture crash lands in the church and is not used the most effectively. I just gotta believe Jesus would have a different angle. LOVE WINS.