Are you ready for Generation V? In the past, generations have traditionally been defined by age demographic. Well, times are changing kids. The IT research firm, Gartner, have found a new people type and this group is being tagged Generation Virtual. According to Gartner generation V is: “based on demonstrated achievement, accomplishments and an increasing preference for the use of digital media channels to discover information, build knowledge and share insights.”

So basically, this generation is defined by how they use media. The research group breaks the generation up by those who create content, those who contribute content, those who find opportunity in the content, and the other roughly 80% are the users of the content or the “lurkers”. So what are you going to do to engage this people group?

I kind of feel worshippers fall into the same categories. It is fun and interesting to see people of different age groups, racial sects, domestic achievement levels attaching to a song, movement, worship leader, etc. Each Generation V is alive and well in the church, the worship community, and your household. Having content that people want is rule number one. Communicating that message to them, in their language is number 2. Welcome to the new world of Gen V.