I am a believer in creativity. I think that we can create the most innovative things in the world. However, probably the biggest enemy of an innovative idea is imitating. I was reading in Fast Company about “Anchors”. Anchors are the like things that you can compare your product to, even though your product is different. Anchors are the established brands that help you to shorten the learning curve on you brand. So if you are a worship leader, you might be very different than Lincoln Brewster, but you play guitar and lead and exciting team. People may say: “X person is a mix between Lincoln Brewster, Joel Houston, and Jonathan Nelson.” Those three guys would be the anchors to give me a jumping off point for understanding your brand.

What are the things that you are doing to stay creative and not lose your innovative edge? what are the ideas you have that no one else would ever think about? What are the anchors you can use to shorten the curve of people understanding your brand?