Saturday night was crazy, not much sleep, not much rest, but I was in Nashville on a Sunday and had to take advantage of the opportunity to go and check out Cross Point Church. I have formed a cool friendship with Jenni, Pete, and Brandi and had to check out what was happening. (Good timing cuz now Pete is a rock star, thanks to Los)

I arrived at CP and was blown away by how many people were moving around. Cars everywhere, people everywhere, smiles, hellos, handshakes, it was a very friendly, genuine atmosphere but without being intimidating. We made our way to the sanctuary, a few minutes late, and found a seat in the dark auditorium. The band was leading worship, and broke into Mighty To Save. Very talented band, great atmosphere set by the tech team and a solid worship experience. A very funny Tom Tyndall made the transitions smooth and Pete came up to speak.

Pete was starting a new series called, Crazy Love. I was challenged to ask what I am called to do, and how to create a healthy balance between my spiritual, church, and unchurched relations. Great kick off to a new series. Video rocked (you can check it here). After service, people hung out, talked, chilled etc.

2 things happened that impressed me the most. 1. Brandi, who I had just met in person for the first time, asked about Jackie and how she was doing. There was a sincere concern that I felt. That was cool. 2. As Tyler and I walked to the car, we passed the kids area and a girl, probably 9-10 years old came running to her mom. Her first word: “Can I invite my friends to come to church with me next week?” Kids, wanting to expose their peers to something that is impacting their lives. Very cool.

If I lived in Nashville, even without a relationship with Pete, I would attend CP. It is a great, growing, exciting church that is committed to helping people become Crazy For God, Crazy For Community, and Crazy For the Lost. If there was one recommendation I would give to Pete and crew, have a couple of CP’ers out on the street welcoming people and directing them where to go. Other than that, I am all in on what you do and pray that you guys continue to make a massive impact on your community!

A few quotes to share (may not be verbatim):

  • We never started CP to be a big church. If your goal is to have a big church, things are going to get weird. 
  • Growth is not the goal, health is the goal.
  • Health is created when there is a balance between Intimacy with God, Community with Others, and Influence with Outsiders.
  • It all comes down to Love.
  • The opposite of Crazy love, is normal ordinary love. 
  • I wrestle every year about this time with the question am i doing what I have been called to do, and am I working in my gift mix. 
  • A church with no community is just a crowd. 
  • Acts 2:42-47, John 13:35, Matthew 22:36-40, Galatians 4:19, Hebrews 11:36-38