Was catching up with Jay on Friday about our teams, projects, etc and we kept coming back to communication. Misunderstandings probably cause a majority of problems, not really peoples intentions. Then there is the balance of understanding different peoples languages. Some people need affirmation, others need to feel they are part of the team. Some people need to be left alone to find success. It is a funny dynamic. @ Integrity we take personality tests to find out the best ways to communicate with each other and how we are created, best work flow etc. It takes discipline to dig in to how different people work, feel, think, etc…but when you do, you can get the most out of your team, and probably learn some things about yourself. I have learned that not everyone thinks about things the same way that I do (DUH!), and that at times, my intentions and how I communicate them do not line up.

We talk all the time about expectations. We have to manage what people expect versus what we can deliver. This is done through communication. Asking hard questions, being accountable for our words, living up to what is required of us, and each other. TALK IT OUT!