Friends, there are a few times in your life when you are able to be part of something so much bigger than yourself. This is one of those times. The song Healer, from the new Hillsong record, is touching lives and providing hope and faith to people all over the world. Not to mention God using its to heal. We wanted to figure out how to maximize the effort. This is what we came up with.

We have created THIS WEBSITE. You can log on and ask for prayer. You can also leave a testimony of your healing. God is doing amazing things and this song is part of the process. We need your help. Please, take the time and pass this link on via your email, blogs, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, twitter, however you communicate. We want to see people healed, and we want to celebrate the healing of others. Reading these testimonies is going to provide hope for those who need prayer. Lets do this together. Thank you for your help! I owe you one.