I am a planner. I plan stuff out. I like strategy. I am a creative planner, so it may not look like a plan to you, but to me, it has been thought through to the fullest.

This blog is my attempt to not plan. But rather, to “freestyle post”. Now is probably not the best time to freestyle post as right now I am getting mad hits from Tony Morgans Post about one of my blogs. Oh well, its what I gotta do. I wish I could have gone with Pete to the DR, the trip looks like it has been amazing.

Speaking of Amazing, Stephen Hurd has a song called Amazing on his new album. I will post it. It is about how Amazing God is…I love that He is Amazing. Due to Him being amazing, He can help clean up the messes my less than amazing life creates.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is on, and Zay wants me to watch….Gotta be a daddy. Thanks for putting up with my freestyle experiment. Hope it did not bore you. More real stuff tomorrow. As always, thanks for investing the time.