I am by NO means a church expert, however, I have been in and around church for a LONG time. I know some things that work, some that do not work, and I love to study all of it, maybe to a fault. I told a pastor friend about how I was at his church, for like the 3rd or 4th time, and this lady came up and asked Jackie and I if we were new. Jackie said, no we have been here for a few weeks. The lady then replied, “Well, people usually leave after 6 weeks.” WOW. With evangelists like this in your “family” who needs enemies. Train your greeters on how to communicate with your visitors. Script them a few talking points even. Put people in place that have the “greeter” personality. Now, I know this staff, they would FREAK if they knew who this lady was…I could not tell them if I had to. There are times things will slip by the goalie, but set yourself up to win. Make sure your greeters are trained, educated, and alert.