Today I did some yard work, and hung some stuff up around the house for Jack. Let me assure you, it was a comedy of errors. It took me like 3 hours to get the yard in shape. Seriously, a job a normal man could do in probably an hour 15 tops. (but i can shop a hole in that normal man)

So as I was sweating, getting mad, frustrating myself, I realized the importance of working in your core area. Sure, I CAN do the yard, and at times I enjoy it, but it is not my core. It is not what I was created to do every day. There are people so good at that stuff they can make the yard look like a golf course. mine, more like a hilly mess.

What are you doing every day at your job, mission, calling, life, that you should pass off and not be doing? Do you need to delegate something? What is taking more of your time than it should and what are you neglecting because your not willing to let someone else run with something they are GREAT at doing? The best leaders surround themselves with people that are way better than themselves and then train those people to replace them. I hope I am doing this….are you?

Batman was crazy nuts. Props to jack for hitting the 10:10 show and not getting home till after 1. WELL WORTH IT. Why so serious?