How big is Batman? You think no one cares about Batman?

Midnight Showings: 18.4 million (Star Wars did 16.9)
Biggest Grossing Day: 66.4 million (Spider Man 3 59.8)
Tomorrow we will get some weekend numbers (night) but it is going to be the biggest opening weekend in movie history.

Culture cares about Batman. How can you leverage this? Here are a couple of ideas for my pastor peeps. (probably is to late to do a Batman series as you should be starting it Tomorrow or next week at the latest)

“Why So Serious” (how you deal with stress, biblically…)
“Battle of the Dark Knight” (Dark vs Light, Even great people deal with a dark side {story of grace}, Even the right sometimes look wrong…)

I have not spent much time on this, but just some quick thoughts.