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Reviewed by Tony Cummings

If you are a long time reader of Cross Rhythms you’d know that in the past we went out of our way to champion the cause of Capstone. This band of Canadian acoustic pop rockers brought something fresh and melodic to worship and though ignored by the Christian record companies before their breakup left behind a batch of fine independent albums. Now unexpectedly and hearteningly their lead singer and songwriter Joel Auge has been signed by Integrity Music and the big label push is now on. Joel deserves it. The songs here are wistfully tuneful, his love songs to Jesus, like the opener “So Deep In Love”, tender-hearted while his more anthemic compositions like “Every Heart” stirring in their depiction of Heaven (“And every heart will sing your praises/In a chorus to the risen Lamb/And everyone will raise their voices/With joyful noises to the great I AM”) are equally effective. In these days of worship albums seemingly being released in head spinning quantity it is like in other areas of music, radio play that is needed to create a “hit” song and ensure a national/international ministry. Now whether this album contains a song hooky enough to do the same thing for Joel that “My Saviour My God” did for Aaron Shust and “Hear My Worship” for Jaime Jamgochian it is all but impossible to judge. But I will say that Auge’s effecting voice, with its appealing flourishes of falsetto and the tight, sympathetic production by Stephen Leiweke help make this an album which will connect with all those who purchase it.