I am WAY to spoiled. I like to be in a bed. I like down comforters, feather beds, LOTS of pillows, jackie, and my kids. I do not like sleeping with other people. Not my thing. When I travel, I will share a room, but i like some space. (jay and chris are my roommates on most trips thus far). Tonight, I am stranded like Tom Hanks in the ATL airport. Flight is not happening. I am going to be sleeping with about 15k of my closest friends. YUCK. I wont sleep much tonight. But God is good. I am alive. I have a great family, I have a good job that God is moving in, and tomorrow I will get to my destination, late, but in one piece. Sleep overs used to rock when I was in high school, now I am spoiled. On top of it all I am posting from my phone as my computer just died.

I can’t wait to get to my hotel, shower, shave, then go and try to speak some life into some guys who’s jobs kinda suck right now. While I wait @ 2 am for my 11 am flight, I will just watch these people sleep. Ever wonder where people r in life? What us going on? How r they doing? What’s up in their lives? I’m going for a walk. More tomorrow including my own testimony of healing. Sleep well, I am jealous.