As you know, I am SO passionate about the song Healer.

Here is an amazing testimony that came in about how this song has affected people. We are working on a way to articulate all the stories. Enjoy:

So… my God sister (who is basically the daughter of my parents best friends) is dying of cancer. I have known her my whole life and we are quite close. She is a devout Catholic, but has been VERY receptive to me praying with her, me laying hands on her, and giving her healing confessions and scriptures. Her form of cancer is aggressive and I have told her that we need to be even more aggressive with speaking the Word over this, etc. They have had to remove her eye, her olfactory nerve (her sense of taste and smell is gone), and part of her face while still undergoing SERIOUS chemo (in an isolation chamber for 5 days at a time every 3 weeks). She has young children and has been really struggling mentally. I passed along the YouTube video of the Hillsongs “Healer” song to her and guess what?! She has been listening to it on repeat while she is awake and asleep and her doctors JUST noticed a change (for the good) in her blood work.
PRAISE GOD! While the song has been ministering to me on a daily basis–just know that you being gracious and sending it to me has blessed others as well!!!

I adore you! Thanks for your obedience. Thanks for your example. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your friendship! You’re the best–do you know that???

AMAZING! The album drops on 8.05, I can not wait to see all the testimonies that are created. This is a movement that is building faith as much as momentum. Please share THIS SITE. Prayer and hope.