Again, for the gazzilionth time, I am not endorsing any candidate. I have not made a decision on where my vote will live. That being said, Obama has a FANTASTIC brand. This guy gets it, big time! FastCompany did a feature on his brand a few months back, and I was impressed. After yesterday, I have to say, he is brilliant (or has brilliant people working with him). The week of August 25-28 will be historic for our nation, and for civil rights. Obama will become the first black presidential nominee in our history. In an effort to share the historic moment, he is renting Mile High stadium, leaving the convention, and opening up the event to the public. (a page right out of the JFK playbook). BRILLIANT. Prove your a man of the people. Show the significance of the night, celebrate it! This is another masterful move by his camp. 

As a leader, what are you doing out of the box that will allow for the average person in your community to be part of your event? How easy is it to get involved? Are you building it in a way that makes the community member feel the need to be involved? 

As fuzzy as I am on a candidate, I have a perfectly clear position on race. It is so shocking to me that we are in the year 2008 and we are still having “first black _____”. Really. Do not believe the hype, racism is not dead it is alive and well. I think I hold an even deeper passion for this because of my son. The other night the news was on and I asked Isaiah, who is that guy on the TV. He said…”the President”. It was Obama. He then asked me: “if i do not become a train conductor, could I be the president?” For the first time in history I could look him in the face and say…YES. Have a great day.