I was reading about the cycle of how things become popular. As I was reading this, I saw how much this same cultural cycle is true of church or business.

AUTHENTIC: The key to all that starts. You have to be real and the realness can not be fake. I know that sounds silly, but it is so true. Often real is faked to impress.
ALT: After you hone in on Authentic, you will become alternative. The reason is, when you find your true, authentic identity, you can will be so ‘unique’ and thus, alternative to all the copycats in the world. But beware, if you are good at what you do, popularity is just around the corner.
POPULAR: As you become popular, you will have the pressure to fake what you have been doing to keep the success. STAY AUTHENTIC, it is what made you ALT and thus what people have started to pay attention to. Change is part of anything that is living. The only time you stop changing is when you are dead. Even when you become popular, stay as Authentic and real as you were before anyone really cared about you.
MAINSTREAM: After popularity builds, you become mainstream. Mainstream is when the masses start to imitate you. You become the expert. You are now the one everyone follows. STAY AUTHENTIC. Keep changing. Be willing to risk it all, often. Do things different than you have even done them in the past in order to continue to grow.

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