Virtual Marketing Blog posted about 3 not-so-known ways to entertain your audience. Interestingly enough, these 3 ways to “entertain” also can be applied to impacting your community or branding your church and help you break through the clutter of the million other businesses in your world.

  1. They Create A Different Category. How many churches are doing the same thing in your town, city, state, or country? What are you doing different? What are you doing to create a category that is unique? Obviously being the brightest light possible is a GREAT start. Start doing some things no one else in your space is doing, and start them this week. This is a lot easier than you would think, and does not have to cost a lot of money. It will cost your creativity, fear, and the willingness to be different. 
  2. They Stand Out From The Crowd. Standing out from the crowd is the will happen if you execute properly on point 1. Being different leaves you vulnerable, but also places you in a space where no one else is living. Finding your Blue Ocean will help you stand out from the crowd. 
  3. They Leverage Things. Use your strong points to introduce people to your programs. Use Sunday morning to introduce people to groups, or book clubs. Leverage your success for FUTURE success. 
Hope this helps.