Yesterday I had a realization, right now my church, the people are am supposed to speak to, usually live inside the music industry. Yesterday we had a meeting with a new friend at Sony. As we spoke about records and projects, healing broke into our agenda. From release dates and hit songs we moved into fear and family history. Say what you will, God showed up in that corner office on the 26th floor overlooking Manhattan and as we deposited hope into 1 persons soul, and left music behind to help our friend along the way. The business of music was removed and the ministry, love, and compassion of a Healer was revealed. THAT is one of the reasons why I love what I do! Yesterday we accomplished something.

Also, check out Xanga is a cool social network that has some really interesting blogging features. In addition, they have started a faith based portal called rev-life.

Don’t forget to go to click here for iTunes and buy the new Lincoln Brewster single. In just 1 day, we are already charting at number 3 on the singles chart. This is a land speed record for Integrity!