The team is all over the place. Jay is across the pond working it out for us, and Chris and I are in NYC. We are staying in Times Square. I LOVE NY. Like REALLY love it. I told jackie that when the kids move out, we are going to have to move here for at least a year. You just meet so many different people. There is not a bigger canvas for prayer in the world than NY. If you feel you are an agent of hope, come here, cuz these people are looking for some hope.
Yesterday we met with TuneCore. If you want to sell your audio (sermons, music, speeches, etc) TuneCore is the way to go. They can get you anywhere you need or want to be. They are the premiere firm for distributing to all the major online stores. They make it cheap and easy.
Now it is your job to philosophically wrestle with if you are to sell your “goods” or not. To my pastor friends, I say no, but thats on you. Free is the new .99 cents.
Also had dinner with some of our Sony team last night.
Back at it this morning, then headed home tonight. This was a quick trip.