Just a little mind dump.

Believe. What do you believe? What does it mean to believe? I am wrestling with all that it means and takes to believe. I believe in the power of one. I believe people can change. I believe this is only for a short time and yet for eternity. Im figuring out what I believe vs what I have been told to believe.

I once had a guy tell me that I had “it”. I got “it” and that most people in life or in the ministry did not have “it”. The funny thing is, I believed him. The sad thing is, I did not know how to develop “it”, and he did not know how to transition from a finder of “it” to a developer of “it”. What happens when “it” gets bigger than 2 letters? What happens when your mistakes evaporate “it” but yet “it” still lives there, in you, waiting to be developed? I think when it and believe come together, amazing things happen.

Im working out my “it” and believe. They are on course for a collision. Have your it and believe collided yet?

I want to help as many people figure out how to make their “it” and believe collide.