I have been in church my entire life. REALLY, since I was born. Now I will say up front, the folks at Cornerstone Church did not worry much about making this video entertaining, it is actually kinda boring. HOWEVER, what they are saying and what they are doing is AMAZING. They have asked themselves some very hard questions about why and how they do what they do, and are now doing something about that…really dope. They are pushing the church to become part of peoples lives, not another task on a to do list. Making problems “ours not yours”, and even rethinking how they are doing their building fund and new facility! I LOVE IT! I am reading Acts right now, working on some church issues of my own, but it is DOPE to see these leaders asking these kind of questions. Now, this does not mean that this model will work in your community, but they are doing something for their community and are willing to stretch themselves and their church in order to get people engaged with Jesus. Fresh.
HT: Church Relevance