I think that they would. Here are 2 churches that have done some crazy stuff:

First: GUTS CHURCH in Tulsa, OK held their 8th Annual Tougher Than Hell motorcycle rally. How about a church service for bikers where you have a “Bad Company” concert? Could this be church? They gave away a custom Harley and a Ford Mustang. Church? well, over 1500 bikers, hundreds made a commitment to Christ, and over 300k dollars was raised for charity. That is embracing culture.

Second: Hillsong Church London. Now the concept of the apple ad is not revolutionary, it is kinda played, however, when the intro video rolls and starts showing the function of the site and the ability to empower not just your life, but your engagement in church…thats not just dope, it is amazing. Make sure you watch the video!

Impacting culture is not about ‘being cool, hip, or relevant’. Sure, some of those things may happen, but being culturally relevant is about taking things that happen in your culture and transforming them into opportunities to affect those in your world. Don’t get caught up copying others, chasing cool, or being consumed with the new. Figure out your audience and talk to them. Maybe your audience is not as cool as you think….