The other night I was driving and thinking, wow, I am hungry. I drove by the same 20 restaurants that I always drive by, but never enter. I started thinking, Outback, Macaroni Grill, …. what do I want. The problem with all of the non-branded restaurants was I did not know what my experience would be. How often do we hang our shingle and just expect people to come in and partake in our experience but we never do some of the things necessary to allow them a chance to taste, or test, or peak into our world before we ask them to commit their time, money, and life in something WE are passionate about?

Beyond this, if someone does brave their way into our experience we speak a foreign language, we act in a way that can not relate to, and we expect them to walk away excited. It just does not happen that way. You have to provide the tools necessary for your VIP guests (which is every guest from homeless to affluent) to make THIER experience amazing. Help them feel comfortable, help them understand what is going on, help them walk away going, wow…that experience was so beneficial for me, I have to go back. After they taste test you 3-5 times, they will then become evangelists for your cause.

All of this is SO intentional. Plan, execute, deliver, provide the most amazing experiences possible.